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iS Clinical - The Future Of Skin Care

iS Clinical - The Future Of Skin Care

Science backed, under the radar skin care that works. Loved by supermodels and Hollywood’s finest… no hype needed.

The latest brand beauty editors are fawning over is surprisingly down to earth. There’s no celebrity founder, no attention-seeking packaging or heavily filtered Instagram account in sight. The brand’s website is unassuming, and stockists are scarce. So, why is everyone clamouring for iS Clinical, and is it worth it?

From a personal perspective and from talking to friends and clients, we all want simple, effective skin care products that use only natural ‘clean’ ingredients. But is this combination at all possible and will it deliver the dramatic improvements we seek? In short... yes.

The future of skin care is here with botanicals and cosmeceuticals being brought together to create unique and powerful results - putting iS Clinical at the forefront of exceptional skin care.

We reveal the story behind beauty’s quietest game-changer.


What’s the story?

Founded in 2002 by biochemist Bryan Johns and Alec Call, iS Clinical is part of the Innovative Skincare umbrella, which creates products focused on pure, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. The transformative effects of these meticulously created products made their treatments an awards circuit mainstay. Loved by celebrities such as Jessica Alba, January Jones and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (pictured), it’s also a favourite amongst Hollywood’s elite facialists including Shani Darden.

What’s in iS Clinical?

iS Clinical doesn’t look like the type of brand to be touting buzzwords such as ‘botanical’ and ‘natural’. In fact, it looks like something you’d expect to find lining the white walls of a dermatologist’s office. But the formulas in these gimmick-free blue bottles are a force of nature, combining highly active, plant-derived extracts that directly tackle specific skin concerns, without any fragrance or parabens in sight.

iS Clinical’s skincare ethos is made up of four steps: cleanse, treat, hydrate, and protect, with each step offering a range of products for a variety of skin types. High-grade ingredients such as plant-derived acids, vitamins A to E, stem cells and ceramides, are combined to deliver noticeable results in the shortest amount of time. Users of iS Clinical’s hero serum (more on this later) have reported visible improvements in a matter of days, and importantly, everything is developed and produced completely in-house, meaning you won’t find another product that comes anywhere close to this.



Cosmeceuticals explained

Cosmeceuticals are the combination of cosmetics and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. The term refers to the advanced techniques used to create topical skincare, merging knowledge and research from both the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. The result: remarkably effective skincare products that can be used at home and for professional treatments.

Botanicals explained

Botanicals selected from nature have amazing multifunctional capabilities making them the ideal choice to maintain overall skin health and appearance. Specially selected plant ingredients have the ability to resurface the skin as well as providing beneficial anti-inflammatory and strong antioxidant properties.

This happy marriage of nature and science in the form of botanicals in cosmeceuticals, has greatly benefited the skincare industry. The combination of the best high-tech ingredients with multitasking botanicals is at the absolute forefront of exceptional skin care.

THE product to try

While iS Clinical offers a specific range for each skin type, there’s one hero product that has made the most waves. Praised in particular by those with acne and rough skin texture, iS Clinical’s Active Serum is widely hailed as the product that solves the most persistent of breakouts, as well as helping to fade scars and correct hyperpigmentation.

According to Dr. Charlene DeHaven M.D, clinical director of iS Clinical, the cult following is due to the unique combination of four naturally occurring acids that “do more than just treat blemishes”.



We are all becoming increasingly savvy about the ingredients used, not only in skincare products, but across the board. However, not all “natural” products are made equal, so you have to ensure the products you use are equal in terms of quality.

iS Clinical products are founded using scientific methods which verify its effectiveness. As a doctor with a science background, it’s refreshing to find a brand that is evidence based with no hype or overexaggerated claims. Having spent years searching for the best quality products that deliver results and value for money, I am so proud to offer iS Clinical products at Time to Bloom.

Discover our comprehensive range of iS Clinical products in our Wellbeing Shop, and if you haven’t tried this brand before, the Starter Kit containing the Cleansing Complex, three serums and an SPF formula, is the perfect introduction.

If you’re not sure of your skin type, or would like to find out more about iS Clinical, book in for a free Skype consultation with us.

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